Who we are...

crystal dawn

I am a Big Leap LOVE coach who specializes in LGBTQ+ relationships. I like to consider myself a master storyteller as I create stories that serve my highest good.


I spent the early part of my career as a Montessori school teacher before transitioning to teaching Yoga and Bodywork.


Currently, as the founder and director of Conscious Loving Lab, I help couples enjoy a perpetual honeymoon through coaching and by offering group programs focused on feelings, communication and intimacy.

The best part of what I do? Playing. Hands down.


A true creative and adventurer in every way, I enjoy spending time reading, hot tubbing and leading retreats all over the world.


I am a relationship and intimacy coach. I help folx ​take epic care of themselves so that they can show up fully in their relationships.

I love supporting people in connecting deeply with their pleasure. Reminding them that while self care may seem selfish in the sense of putting your needs first, it is in fact the only way to be able to give to others meaningfully.

I've dedicated myself to learning and have been fascinated by human relating and how we are all always in relationship. It has been particularly eye opening to see how the better I care for myself the better I am able to be present for the relationships that matter to me.

My pleasures include... long baths, spending time with animals, reading - all sorts of reading, cuddling, tea, listening to water - rain, the ocean, streams, waterfalls, etc, writing, and dancing.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.​

Dalai Lama