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crystal dawn

I am a Big Leap LOVE coach who specializes in LGBTQ+ relationships. I like to consider myself a master storyteller as I create stories that serve my highest high good.


I spent the early part of my career as a Montessori school teacher before transitioning to teaching Yoga and Bodywork.


Currently, as the founder and director of Conscious Loving Lab, I help couples enjoy a perpetual honeymoon through coaching and by offering group programs focused on feelings, communication and intimacy.

The best part of what I do? Playing. Hands down.


A true creative and adventurer in every way, I enjoy spending time reading, hot tubbing and leading retreats all over the world.


I am a relationship and intimacy coach. I help couples ​connect with their pleasure more deeply 

Passionate & embodied, Halcyone's presence is revitalizing and activating. Her willingness to speak truth is refreshing and her strength in her sense of self is empowering. She reminds me of what it looks like to love fully and express fearlessly.

Stasha Lach

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