Relationship Resilience

An All New Online Program


Create the relationship(s) of your dreams where you communicate easily, connect intimately, and trust fully.


With Halcyone and Crystal Dawn


Do you feel met in your relationship(s)?

Do you feel heard?

Are you fulfilled in your relationship(s)?

Are things rolling along smoothly then something happens and it all goes haywire?

Have things gotten sort of “blah” in your love life?


If you want to know how to stay together and actually have a great time…

If you want to feel like you are in the honeymoon period again…

If you want your relationship to last...

then this program is for you.

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APPRECIATE. Exercise your appreciation muscles. Learn to appreciate yourself (stop beating yourself up). Explore the power of appreciating others generously to stop criticism and judgement before they damage your relationship.



Our 9 Module Love Life Transformation Incubator: Relationship Resilience.





You’re ready to:

  • trust again, meet your lover(s) fully, and take your relationship(s) to the next level

  • approach your relationship from a full body yes

  • say “No!” to fighting, feeling disconnected, being distracted and feeling jealous while taking AMAZING care of yourself so you can bring your full presence to creating juicy relationship magic

  • be in a relationship where you feel seen and heard and met


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PRESENCE. Experience the power of being really present with yourself and your loved ones.

Growing your relationship can

be easy and fun!


It is time to go from seeing relationships as work and move into perceiving them as an evolving work of art, ever changing, and surprisingly precious! 


The preciousness of love can often be forgotten when we get wound up in old dramas, when we project onto our partner(s) old familial patterns, childhood anxieties, and unresolved relationship issues from our past.


  • Connect to the deepest part of who you are and stop worrying about what your partner(s) is/are doing.

  • Discover personas that create drama within the hero, victim, villain triangle.

  • Name these personas. Love them. Give them better jobs.

  • They have helped you to get this far.

  • They were created to help you survive your childhood.

  • They want to protect you. They want attention and love.

  • They do not know that they may have been sabotaging your relationship(s).  

  • Persona play is one way to figure out how to go deeper in your relationship. In Relationship REbirth we offer countless more practices!





Each month we dive deep into each relationship skill. During the calls we share simple body intelligence practices that promote deep listening, conscious living and loving. We help you discover unconscious patterns, invite you to look at old ways of being, and see how and where we learned our habitual relationship tendencies.




These are things to play with and put into practice in between calls. To keep the juiciness alive. We will set you up with tools and techniques so you have a complete toolkit that works for you and your relationships in creating that deep connection and passionate experience of love.

Come play with us and get the support you need to transform your relationships!


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CONNECT. Discover when we want closeness and separateness and learn how to ask for what you really want by making clear and direct requests.



Over the course of 9 months, we’ll move together on a journey through integrity and body intelligence practices. We’ll take the time to: 

  • CONNECT. Discover when we want closeness and separateness and learn how to ask for what you really want by making clear and direct requests. This includes figuring out when and how you want to give and receive attention.
    In the first module, you’ll learn how to connect with yourself so you can listen to your body signals — AND you’ll learn to TRUST your body wisdom.

  • PRESENCE. Experience the power of being really present with yourself and your loved ones. Discover how to drop distractions and give and receive love from a deep place of presence. Presence what is really happening and discover ways to love what has previously been unlovable.

  • APPRECIATE. This module is all about exercises your appreciation muscles. Learn to appreciate yourself and stop beating yourself up. Explore the power of appreciating others generously and creatively to stop criticism and judgement before they damage your relationship.

  • MAKE CLEAR AGREEMENTS and MOVE YOUR BODY. Agreements are the structure and foundation for any relationship. Experience the trust and stability that shows up when you have made agreements that you want to make. Learn how to decide what agreements you do and do not want to make. In this module, we teach you how to bodify, drop the words and experience your body as the mechanism for shifting your mood and fear responses.

  • TAKE HEALTHY RESPONSIBILITY and BREATHE. Here we will show you how to own your life, how to unwind the myth of “This is my other half, better half, or ball and chain.” We will explore what it means to take 100% responsibility for what is going on in your life and in your relationship. BUT, not more than your fair share of responsibility. We will teach you breathing practices that will help you to move old traumas and switch your nervous system from fear to relaxation response.

  • LOVE. Learning to love yourself is a key component to creating healthy relationships. This is the module where we explore self love practices. We’ll even show you how to love the things you hate. We share ideas and ways to rekindle passion and touch into how to have more and better sex.

  • LISTEN and COMMUNICATE. The practices we share in this module will transform how you experience yourself and your loved ones. Discover listening filters that prevent you from really hearing what is being said. Learn how to communicate in friendly and easy ways. Discover how to express the microscopic truth and the resonance of revealing.

  • EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL LITERACY. In this module, we explore practices that make it easier to feel feelings all the way through to completion. We show you how much easier it is to feel rather than draw out struggle and grief by bottling feelings. We give you easy language to discover what is really going on in your heart. We also teach you body signals for feelings that you may not even know you are having.

  • PLAY. This month is all about finding the humor in your relationships. We look at and learn to love the personas that we created to survive in this world. Inventing and creating games that make relating fun. Here we break out the finger puppets and give you practices to help you not take things so seriously. In the end, almost everything can be played with. And, playing takes the work out of relationships.

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LISTEN and COMMUNICATE. Transform how you experience yourself and your loved ones. Discover how to express microscopic truth and the resonance of revealing.

We explore this And so much more . . .



  • 3 deep dives into Communication, Intimacy and Trust

  • Relationship Rejuvenation Retreat with 21 interviews from top relationship experts.

  • 66 Relationship Rejuvenation Q and As

  • Weekly Date Night Ideas

Who it’s for?

So, you have found someone you want to go deep with. You have been together a long time and things have gotten dull and the passion only comes out in arguments.


Or, you have been waiting for the right person to come along and sweep you off your feet.


Maybe you have many love relationships that you want to go deeper into…


Build the RESILIENCY of your Relationship NOW! Choose love over and over again!


our stories

Crystal Dawn shares:

I found this work in 2009 when I first read Conscious Loving by Gay and Katie Hendricks. After discovering that they offer LIVE trainings, I attended my first 3 day training in 2014. 


It was there that I realized that the Hendricks Institute offers coaching certifications and an in depth 2 year program. In 2016, I became a Certified Big Leap Coach and graduated from the 2 year Leadership and Transformation Program in 2019. 


This work has changed how I move through the world. I was already into new age hippie spiritual stuff. I studied all types of energy work and bodywork and yoga. 


These Hendricks practices grounded my studies and gave me a language to deepen my understanding of feelings, communication, presence, manifesting and responsibility.


I learned how to move through the world with authenticity and integrity. I have made these practices that create such ease in my relationships second nature. 


I teach Hendricks practices to all of my clients and students, friends and family. Because they ask. And, because the practices work. 

LOVE. Learning to love yourself is a key component to creating healthy relationships. We'll explore self love practices and even how to love the things you hate.



How does the program work?

We deliver 2 Hour Long Calls per month via ZOOM where we give you the curriculum for that month’s MODULE. During the calls we explore body intelligence practices creating connection and transformation. 

Calls are recorded with lifetime access. 

Each module has homeplay practices that can be done individually or in partnership(s). Most practices have a pdf file for reference.


Do I need to have a partner or be in a romantic relationship?

No, all relationships benefit from these body intelligence practices. The tools we offer are helpful in familial relationships, business relationships and romantic relationships.


Does my partner need to take part?

No, you can explore the practices on your own. The transformation is contagious. What you put into this program has a ripple effect and can transform your relationship(s) even if you are the only one participating.


How do I know this program is for me?

Ask your body. Tune into your deep inner knowing and get curious about what it is you want to create in your relationship. The practices we share are what Gay and Katie Hendricks call Kitchen Tested and Bedroom approved. And, we offer these practices as an experiment for you to explore and see what is effective for you. We have been using these practices and are sharing the most transformative tools for relating.


I have a great relationship already. Why do I need to be in a group program?

Do you feel like you are on your honeymoon? Are you surprised by how deep your love goes? Are you interested in discovering practices that make relationships easy and fun? This program is a place for people to discover tools that will transform old ways of relating and spark that joy and delight that comes with deep love and connection.


What are the dates for our calls?

Our first call is Noon PST on Tuesday March 31st, 2020. 

We meet at Noon PST every last Tuesday of the month and

every 3rd Saturday at 10:00 am PST.

Our last call is December 19, 2020.

How much does this program cost?

Beta Pricing

We are pricing this program at a one-time 'beta' price and there are only 30 spots available.”

Normally the investment is $4500! 

For our pilot program we are offering 50% off of that.

That’s only $247 per month.

A total of $2222 for all 9 MODULES.


If you pay in full we offer 10% off of that! So it is only $2000!


No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Schedule a call with us to determine if this is a good fit for you or if you are eligible for our scholarships or work/trade.

Ready to commit to your best relationship ever?