Rejuvenate your Relationships
Deepen Communication. 
Build Real Intimacy.
Trust Fully.

We are committed to help folks love themselves and each other. We aim to inspire presence and connection while enjoying a playful and artistic life. We want to create a world where relationships are considered easy and fun!

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Coaching: One on one. Two on two.

For those who want to go deep fast, personalized individual coaching is the way to go. We both offer one on one coaching and for the couple who really wants to make powerful lasting transformation in their relationship we offer a very special two on two option.

  • Check for two on two availability via email.

  • For one on one coaching use the links below:

  • Coaching with Crystal Dawn.

  • Coaching with Halcyone.

Relationship Rebirthing

Coming soon... Relationship Rebirthing is our 9-module love-life transformation incubator where we mentor you to shape your relationship into an evolving work of art.  It helps you turn your long term commitment into a treasured, precious connection.

  • Learn Body Intelligence practices, Listening skills, Conscious Communication tools.

  • Receive strategic and energetic support.

  • Practice what you're learning in a safe community container.


We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community
that honors the experiences of People of Color, members of the
LGBTQ* community, and other marginalized identities.

Halcyone & Crystal Dawn